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Passport Submission For Canadian Immigrant Visa

Passport Submission For Canadian Immigrant Visa

Finally! The long wait is over. We just receive the most awaited Passport Request email aka “the Golden Email”  under the federal stage, unexpectedly on May 1, 2018. I say unexpectedly because it was a holiday in the Philippines. It’s time now for our passport submission for Canadian Immigrant visa to VFS Global Manila Via Courier. Unfortunately, offices of VFS Global are only located in Manila and Cebu.  So those from far flung areas just like us may submit our passport thru courier unless we will be willing enough to travel that far.

Passport Submission For Canadian Immigrant Visa

The following are the documents submitted to VFS Global:

  1. Passport – of the principal applicant as well as of all the accompanying family members. It must be valid for at least 12 months from the date of the PPR email with at least two blank pages.
  2. Passport Request letter – print out of the email
  3. Visa Picture –two 50×70 mm photos of the principal and of each accompanying family members taken within the past 6 months. We planned to submit our passport right after we received the PPR email. So even though we haven’t received the PPR email yet, we have our pictures taken on March 3, 2018. For more information on the specifications of the photo please refer to:
  4. Appendix B Form – completed and signed by the principal applicant. Only need to submit one form unless you have more five children you need to fill in 2nd Data of all accompanying member whether accompanying or not should supplied. Info needed are : Name, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, gender, passport number, date of expiry, height and eye color.
  5. VAC Consent form – we only submitted the 2nd page of the form signed by Fritz since he is the principal applicant. You may view the form here:
  6. Manager’s Check – the payee is VFS Services Phils. PVT. Inc amounting to Php4,464.00. The breakdown of our payment are as follows:

For reference of the Visa Application Center Fees please refer here:

  1. Contact information – email address, phone number and return address written on a clean sheet of paper.
BOC Managers Check

LBC means Late But Coming?

We submitted the above requirements on May 2, 2018 thru LBC. We chose to send it thru LBC because of their online tracking of the pouch. But if we will do it again, we won’t send it thru LBC. Their online tracking was in vain because it’s not real time.  Also, we expect the pouch to be delivered the following day, May 3, 2018 since we send it before their cut off time. But to our dismayed, it was delivered in the afternoon of May 4, 2018. Even it was confirmed by their staff as well as in the airway bill that the delivery date is May 3, 2018. Furthermore, we contacted three LBC branches but they were not as helpful as they should be.


Fast forward, at 5:51 pm of May 4, 2018 we received a SMS message from LBC that our pouch has been delivered.  As we check it online it was delivered at 12pm.


We are now almost there with our Canadian Dream. Really it takes enough patience, prayer and faith to endure with this journey. Blessings come in unexpected time. I know without His help we will not reach this far. To Celebrate this wonderful achievement of our family we ended our day at Yakimix General Santos City.


Our Application Timeline

NBPNP EOI  September 7, 2017
NBPNP ITA  October 13, 2017
Full Docs Sent October 18, 2017
Docs Received October 24, 2017
NBPNP AOR October 27, 2017
Nomination December 4, 2017
Upfront Medical December 6, 2017
CIC ITA December 6, 2017
CIC Full Application December 11, 2017
CIC AOR December 11, 2017
Medical Passed January 5, 2018
IP2 February 27, 2018
Passport Request Letter (PPR) May 1, 2018
Passport Submission May 2, 2018
Visa On Hand May 10, 2018
Landed in New Brunswick Soon

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  1. Hello,
    Congratulations first of all. Read your blog and it seems really helpful! Quick Question – I’ve my ITA and I live in the US. I plan to go to India for my medical exam. Can I submit my Post ITA documents and payment from the same country – India instead of US? Any idea?

  2. Hi Sir. Is it difficult to get an ITA or a nomination from New Brunswick if you didn’t attend their Info Sessions? Upon checking NB express entry, and calculating my score in their self assessment chart I got a total of 71 points. And also my NOC is on their Demand List of occupations.

    1. Some nakareceived po ng ITA without attending the session pero very slim po talaga yung chances. Requirements din po kc nila yung info session. Mataas po yung score nyu compare samin, need nyu lang po mag attend ng session. Halos lahat ng ka batch namin na in demand tapos pasok yung score nakatangap ng ITA.

      1. If my calculations were correct sir hehe. I’ve read your blogs and I was so inspired and motivated. Anyways, thank you so much for replying sir. Congratulations and Godbless on your new journey.

        1. Thank you Naomi, hopefully makatangap ka din ng ITA soon. Balitaan mo din kami sa mga updates mo :)

  3. Hi,
    Im currently waiting for the ITA, as I submitted on 1st May. I guess I have to change it.
    I hope they reply. According to your timeline, I suppose they will, by mid of next month.
    My NOC is 2171, and they needed Business Intelligence & Analytics in the session, I pray for god to respond.

  4. Hi,
    Speaking about passports, mine will expire on March, 2019. Do I need to renew it now, and my EE profile is submitted with this one.
    If I renew it, can I attach the old one with the new one, and wich should I submit?

    Kindly advice.

    1. If you will receive your visa let say 2 months from now I think you are still good to go because you are more than the six month rule. If so happen that you just started your EE profile and waiting for Nomination or Draw I should suggest that you renew it now because sometimes processing will take longer a year or so. It’s easy to update passport details under your EE profile so don’t worry about it. :)

      What Stage are at right now?

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