Buho Rock Garden and Resort, Poro, Camotes Island


If you are into cliff diving, this is the perfect place for you. For only Php20 you can have your unlimited cliff diving or simply go on swimming under the beautiful rock formation at Buho Rock Garden and Resort, Poro, Camotes Island .

Buho Rock Garden and Resort, Poro, Camotes Island .

This resort is located in the town of Poro, Camotes Island. This is one of the public resorts operated by the government. This answers why the entrance fee is very much affordable.  You will pass by this place if you are coming from Bukilat Cave going to Santiago White Beach resort. My nephews and nieces got excited as they watched  people enjoying diving on the cliff but we arrived in the place at around 11 in morning. With the scorching heat of the sun, my brother decided that we will just return later when the sun is down and after we visited the rest of the places we wanted to visit.





Buho Rock Garden and Resort, Poro, Camotes Island .The gatekeeper was kind enough that she agreed that we can come back without paying another entrance fee. We will just present our ticket upon our returned. There are three jumping area, a 40ft high and two 18-20 ft high. My brothers, nephews and nieces just jumped on the 18ft cliff. But there quite a few people that are courageous enough to jump the 40ft cliff. As I watched the movie Can’t Help Falling Inlove, it seems that Kathryn and Daniel jump in the 40 footer cliff. Since I’m afraid of the heights, I didn’t dare to jump on the cliff.  But I still enjoyed our stay there. I’m just contented on being an expectator and just swim below the rock islands.

When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.

Joe Namath



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