Camp Holiday Resort in Samal Island

We visited Camp Holiday Resort in Samal Island as our last recourse as most of the beach resorts in Samal Island was fully booked. But it’s a blessing in disguise because it’s a nice place and their rates are affordable.

The area of the Camp Holiday Resort and Recreation area is quite huge, they have three 2 storey hotel buildings, closed cottages, dormitories, children’s playground, kids swimming pool, infinity pool, function hall, pool  tables and a restaurant. The children’s playground was the kids favorite aside from the swimming pool. Sunshine loves to slide very much.

Every weekend there will be a live band near the beach front. Plus a showdown of fire dancers. The kids were in awe as they witness for the first time fire dancers performed. But unfortunately we are not able to filmed their performance as the battery of our cellphones were fully drained already.

Blithe and Iya wanted to take a dip at the pool after we had our dinner but sad to note that it’s only until 10pm. So we just spent the rest of the night at the playground.

I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.

Barbara Bush


After our breakfast, Blithe and Fritz were able to play billiards. Even Blithe still learning it but he enjoyed it much, while on the the other hand, Iya and Sunshine were little bit bored since they were much excited to go on swimming.

Our stay in Camp Holiday was very short but we all enjoy it much. The place was great for families.


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