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Nationwide Health Systems Davao

The Nationwide Health Systems Davao, Inc is located at Suite 4, Peliciano Building Ecoland Phase 1, 36 Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City. If you are coming from SM City Ecoland going to Ecoland Bus terminal, it is on the right side. The only clinic in Mindanao designated by Canadian Government to do the medical examination.

We Got Nominated in New Brunswick, Canada

We received our nomination from the Government of New Brunswick on December 4, 2017. The following day we traveled to Davao City and had our medical exam on December 6, 2017. We decided to have our medical exam ASAP because my menstruation is coming up soon. Which could cause delay if we will have our medical exam after my period.  Even though we haven’t received yet the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC, Fritz wanted to undergo the embassy-required medical examination while still waiting the Express Entry draw from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We wanted that our documents be ready once we received the ITA so we can submit our full application for our permanent residency right away.

Actually, we have two options on when we will get our medical exam. First is submit the application without the medical exam and wait for instructions. Once we received the instructions we have 30 days to comply for medical exam. Second is undergo the medical exam before submitting the application or commonly called upfront medical exam. No document from IRCC required to undergo the medical exam. We just need to tell the clinic staff that we are doing the upfront medical exam under worker category. Once the medical exam is done, an upfront medical notification printout will be given. This is the document that we will upload in our application.

Good thing I inquired at Nationwide Health Systems Davao, Inc what are the required documents to undergo the medical exam because the data on their website is not updated. As advised, we only need to bring with us our passports.

Medical Examination Day

We arrived at the clinic at around 10 am. They asked us to sign into their logbook while they check our passports. Then they gave us 3 different forms for each 5 of us and containers for our urine samples for the 4 of us since kids ages 0-4 will only undergo physical exams so Sunshine is exempted. They then asked us to pay at the cashier. It almost took Fritz an hour and a half to fill out those forms and check if the data written are correct.  But while filling out the forms they also took our picture and we also collected our urine samples. Afterward, height, weight, and visual acuity were taken then our physical examination.

Sunshine and I had coughs and colds during our medical exam, but the doctor said it’s ok. The Physician asked Fritz to have a creatinine blood test since he declared that he’s taking maintenance medicine for his High Blood Pressure.


The X-Ray Procedure

Then, we were directed to the adjacent laboratory for the chest x-ray. An abdominal shield was put on before the chest x-ray was performed. I already had several chest x-rays before, but this is my first time wearing an abdominal shield. My x-ray was taken thrice because the first 2 were not clear.  Fritz had his x-ray taken only once. But he was asked later to return for a repeat x-ray.

After the x-ray, we went to the laboratory for our blood samples. We then again fill out another form, the HIV consent for Canada Applicants and the DOH HIV consent form (only the 1st page). Then, I was first asked to enter the small room for the HIV counseling, and after me was Fritz. Afterward, we have our blood sample collection.

Then we went back to the Nationwide Health System Clinic side for our MMR vaccine. The doctor said that it’s not compulsory to have our vaccine from them. We may get it from our family doctor. But we decided to have it done since it will be the same. Sunshine was not included since she just had her last MMR vaccine last year.

All in all, we paid Php26,625 with the breakdown as follows:

Details Amount
Fritz         7,450.00
Lynneth         7,450.00
Blithe         2,650.00
Iya         2,650.00
Sunshine         2,250.00
Vaccine (four)         4,000.00
Creatinine            175.00
Total  ₱  26,625.00

Another mission accomplished. We are almost ready to submit our full permanent residency application in Canada. Hope everything will fall into place.

Our Application Timeline

NBPNP EOI  September 7, 2017
NBPNP ITA  October 13, 2017
Full Docs Sent October 18, 2017
Docs Received October 24, 2017
NBPNP AOR October 27, 2017
Nomination December 4, 2017
Upfront Medical December 6, 2017
CIC ITA December 6, 2017
CIC Full Application December 11, 2017
CIC AOR December 11, 2017
Medical Passed January 5, 2018
IP2 February 27, 2018
Passport Request Letter (PPR) May 1, 2018
Passport Submission May 2, 2018
Visa On Hand May 10, 2018
Landed in New Brunswick Soon

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    Ma’am, May I ask what other medical examination was being done aside from X-ray, urine and hiv test? Thank you po. God bless..

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