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New Brunswick PNP – Invitation To Apply (ITA)

It’s second day since Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category opened. We are still hearbroken. We still have hang over with our experience. I even questioned Fritz if we still have chance to go to Canada. If he can envision us living in Canada. Eventhough I was tired because of 3 nights in a row of sleepless nights, but still I can’t sleep. It’s 11:48 pm of October 13, 2017 when a friend in WhatsApp group sent me a private message to open our mail because New Brunswick (NB) is giving ITA (invitation to apply). Out of excitement and joy the more I can’t sleep already.

NB-ITA-LetterLuckily, Fritz is one of those who received ITA. Out of 35 members in our WhatsApp group that signifies that submitted an EOI (expression of interest) only 16 received an ITA in New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP). The NOCs of the those who received ITAs are 2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers , 2281 Computer network technicians, 2171 Information systems analysts and consultants, 2172 Database analysts and data administrators, 6211 Retail sales supervisors, 2173 Software engineers and designers and 1311 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers.

Ok, here’s the timeline of Fritz.

September 7, 2017 – New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) start accepting temporarily Expression of Interest (EOI) from those applicants who were able to attend information session for the past 2 years.

– submitted 1st EOI but needed to submit again because Fritz was not able to indicate the NOC in the subject.

September 12, 2017 – submitted EOI for the 3rd time because Fritz was not able answer the connection to New Brunswick in the previously EOI  submitted  as well as not able to answer the question “Why are you a good candidate for NB”. We sent the 1st and 2nd EOI without reviewing it, being traumatized with the first come first serve system, afraid NB will stop accepting EOIs and we were not able to send successfully an EOI.

September 13, 2017 – NB viewed our email. We used a tracker with our email so we know when it will be read.

September 28, 2017 – NBPNP stopped accepting EOI under priority 2.

October 13, 2017 – the most awaited ITA received.

The Lord really has a planned to each of us. We just need to be patient and have enough faith on His will and timing.

Our Application Timeline

NBPNP EOI  September 7, 2017
NBPNP ITA  October 13, 2017
Full Docs Sent October 18, 2017
Docs Received October 24, 2017
NBPNP AOR October 27, 2017
Nomination December 4, 2017
Upfront Medical December 6, 2017
CIC ITA December 6, 2017
CIC Full Application December 11, 2017
CIC AOR December 11, 2017
Medical Passed January 5, 2018
IP2 February 27, 2018
Passport Request Letter (PPR) May 1, 2018
Passport Submission May 2, 2018
Visa On Hand May 10, 2018
Landed in New Brunswick Soon

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  1. Good day,

    I just got an invitation to attend NB information session in Dakar Senegal.

    Is the attendance a guarantee for NB ITA and PNP? My NOC is not part of their OID. Can I still attend?

    Thank you

      1. But i m confusion with the information sessions that i have attended so just waiting for it to be confirm.

        any official way to get confirm that it will work in further process ?

        1. If they gave you the ITA I think they are satisfied with the information you gave them. It’s time for you to send the full application package of documents to verify what you have given in the EOI form are true.

  2. Hi,
    For the section mentioned ‘Why are you a good candidate for NB’, there are 3 options only:
    -Family in NB;
    -Visits to NB;
    -Work or education in NB
    I belive, for sesion attenders none of them.
    So I belive we should leave it blank, please advice if otherwise.

    1. We had a discussion about that part with my fellow applicants if what should we choose especially you don’t have the first two options, some emailed NB staff and they told us that just explain how can we be of help with NB economy and why should they choose us. In my case I just explained my line of work since they are looking for IT peeps during that time. It’s up to you how to convince them to pick you. I think they are more concerned with your points to reach the 67 so that there will no problem in the CIC stage once you get there, just a thought… I understand that there’s so little space given in that part, some of my friends attached a whole page document for that purpose.

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