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Our Canadian Immigrant Visa on Hand

After months of waiting, at last our Canadian Immigrant Visa is already on hand! We started with our Canadian dream on July 2016 where Fritz started to researched and study on the possible ways we can immigrate to Canada. It took real hard work. We read forums, blogs and most specially the Government of Canada website. Basically we don’t need Visa Consultants anymore since almost everything is already available online.

The first big step that we took was when Fritz took the IELTS exam on November 19, 2016. It was followed by the evaluation of his educational credentials thru WES on December 2016. On January 2017 I sit on IELTS exam also. Then on Feb 19, 2017 Fritz and I attended an information session conducted by the Province of New Brunswick in Manila. On April 2017 Fritz attended the Information Session in Manila conducted by the Embassy of Canada in the Philippines.


Come May 2017, we hoped and pray that we will be one of the lucky dreamers for the AIPP. Unfortunately, only those from Food and Beverage industry had the opportunity. But our spirits were lifted when the Provinces of Nova Scotia announces that they will be opening their NSNP Express Entry Category B. For almost 5 months we were trying our luck with NSNP but to no avail.


Fritz attended another Information Session conducted by New Brunswick on August 19, 2018. We thought that they will be giving Invitation to Apply (ITA) during the session. But they only said to watch out for their upcoming opening. September 8, 2017, NBPNP temporarily opens for accepting expression of interest to those applicants who have attended information session for the past 2 years. The most awaited ITA from NB arrived unexpectedly on October 13, 2017.

This is where the real battle about to begin.

We submitted our full application to NBPNP on October 18, 2018 and received our AOR on October 27, 2018. After 38 days we received our nomination. On December 6, 2017, Fritz received the CIC ITA. On December 11, 2018 we submitted our CIC full application.


The most awaited email, the passport request (PPR) received unexpectedly on May 1, 2018. Then we submitted the following day our passports and other requirements. We are so anxious to received back our passports with visa stamped on it. But it took 2 days before VFS Manila received our passports. It was delivered to VFS only on Friday, May 4, 2018. Then on Monday, May 7, 2018, our passports were forwarded to Manila Visa Office.

Final Decision: Approved!


We were on vacation at Passig Islet Resort in Sta Cruz, Davao Del Sur so we were not able to check our CIC account. But as Fritz check it on the morning of May 8, 2018, the account was updated. The Final Decision is already approved and the document status was already available. Then in the afternoon we received a SMS message informing the passports were received by VFS and will be dispatched to the courier.

Visa on Hand Approved

May 10, 2018, we were still out of town when the 2GO Express delivery man called us informing that he is outside our apartment but no one available to receive the pouch. Fritz cannot wait any longer to have our Canadian Immigrant Visa on Hand. We went home that afternoon.


We cannot describe our feelings as we received our passports. As family we gather and kneel to say our prayers of thanksgiving for His help. We are truly grateful for the blessings that we received from our Father in Heaven. For the things we learned along the way. But on the other hand there’s a feeling of anxiety that we will be leaving soon.

This is not the end but the beginning of our Canadian Dream journey.

Our Application Timeline

NBPNP EOI September 7, 2017
NBPNP ITA October 13, 2017
Full Docs SentOctober 18, 2017
Docs ReceivedOctober 24, 2017
NBPNP AOROctober 27, 2017
NominationDecember 4, 2017
Upfront MedicalDecember 6, 2017
CIC ITADecember 6, 2017
CIC Full ApplicationDecember 11, 2017
CIC AORDecember 11, 2017
Medical PassedJanuary 5, 2018
IP2February 27, 2018
Passport Request Letter (PPR)May 1, 2018
Passport SubmissionMay 2, 2018
Visa On HandMay 10, 2018
Landed in New BrunswickJune 5, 2018

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  1. Hello sis and brod.i love watching your videos.parang nasa canada na ako pag napapanood mga vidoes nyo hehe.dream din namin ng asawa ko makapunta dyan sa canada.kaya by God grace sana ma aprove visa planning to apply student visa.pinagpipilian ko dyan sa nbcc or sa pei ako mg aaral.sana 1 day ma meet ko kayo.pwede ba malaman email add mo sis may mga itatanong lang sana ako kung pwede?????thanks and God bless!

  2. Hello bay, unsa man ang job imo gi applayan na nakatahatag nimo ug visa?

    Ako naa sa Network Administration, naa kaha chance ma invite ko diha sa New Brunswick?


  3. Hello guys !
    I have been spending all my afternoon reading your journey of achieving the Canadian Dream. What a wonderful family with such dedications and hard working spirits. Me myself is also on the journey to get to Canada. Reading your blog seriously boost up my confidence in pursuing my family dream.

    We have just attended at the information session on the 26/08/2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, and we are waiting for our chance to come if they open the temporarily window soon on September. If possible, when I am lucky enough to get the ITA for NBPNP, can I ask you for help in preparing documents.

    Much Appreciated

    1. Sure, we love to hear your journey too. If you want to know our latest activities its in Youtube just search blekxyworld.

  4. I have attended the information session on March 14, 2018. My job is Business Intelligence and Analytics (IT), which was required at that time for the jobs.
    My points 67/100, and I have applied for EOI along with my CV on 1 May, 2108.
    Is there a chance I may get rejected? And if not hopefully, when I expect to hear back from them?
    Please note that I have conducted recruiters, and they were amaized by my CV.

    1. We received our ITA more than a month after we submitted our EOI. Hopefully you will receive your ITA soon. With regards to rejection we do not know exactly their preference for rejecting the applicant.

  5. Hello Sir Fritz,

    Congratulations!!! Finally, all those hard work and sacrifices paid off. Bon voyage to you and to your family. Ingat po kayo don Sir Fritz and I hope you still keep in touch and willing to answer our questions since we really also want to immigrate in Canada.

    Thank you po and God Bless to your new journey.


    1. Thank you Nishu, feel free to ask anything under the sun as long na kaya namin masagot no probs. Hopefully magkikita tau don sa NB :) Have Faith!

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