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NBPNP Full Application – Forms and Documents

Gathering Forms and Documents

We received the ITA or invitation to apply/submit a full application under the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) Express Entry Labour Market Stream on October 13, 2017. Based on the email, the full and complete application should reach at their office within 45 calendar days. We wanted to send the full application right away since the documents were already prepared. But I still need to secure a print out of my Pag-ibig contribution and Certificate of Employment as a supporting document since we will be declaring the Pag-ibig Provident fund and my retirement/ separation benefit in the Personal Net Worth Statement. The common cause of delay on the submission of application of some of the applicants is the Certificate of Employment (COE) and the Proof of Funds.

It was provided in the ITA email the link of the forms that needed to be accomplished and submitted as well as the checklist of the required documents. But the checklist was outdated that may cause confusion among applicants. Please also note that NBPNP may change their forms from time to time, so what I will be sharing may not applicable on the next intake. The best thing is read all the instructions both in the email and website.

The spaces in some items of the forms are quite small that your answer would not fit in. It was suggested in the checklist to use another sheet of paper if you needed more space. Just indicate your name and the name of the form in the top most of the paper. But for us, we convert the file thru NITRO application so the text size to be inputted will be adjustable to fit in the space provided.

Basically there are only 5 forms needed to be accomplished unless if you hired a representative or under employer support. The documents we submitted are in the following order:

1. ITA email and EOI – based on the email sent that a copy of it should be attached to the full application as well as the EOI submitted previously.

2. Proof that I have attended an invitation session or proof that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria – I submitted the email confirmation to attend the information session conducted on August 25, 2017 in Manila. I even wanted to send my picture during the information session but Lynneth said that the email is already sufficient.

3. NBPNP-DCEELMS Document Checklist Express Entry Labour Market Stream (NBPNP) – it’s basically a checklist of your full application. I checked the items that I submitted and put an “X“ on the items not included in my application. The address where you should mail the completed application was also in the checklist and some instructions in gathering the documents and what to expect the time you will be nominated.

4. NB-005 Consent and Declaration Form – Worker Stream – The NBPNP-001 Declaration of Commitment Form and NBPNP-002 Consent Form for Skilled Worker Applicants are merge into this 1 form. The principal applicant and spouse/common law partner should each signed and submit this form. So one for the applicant and another for the spouse and not that they both signed in one form only.

5. NBPNP-003-EELMS Express Entry Labour Market Stream Information Form – the personal information of the applicant, spouse and dependents were asked here. You and your spouse also need to provide the addresses and work experience for the past 10 years, language proficiency result, previous immigration applications, close family relatives living in Canada as well as previous visits to Canada. For the items not applicable don’t just leave it blank but put N/A or not applicable. Please be careful for the date formats because it’s not the same in all items. Lastly, don’t forget to affix your signature. I attached Letter of Explanation here for the overlapping dates of my work and studies.

6. NBPNP-007 Personal Net Worth Statement – both the applicant and spouse should sign this form. You should provide your proof of unencumbered and readily transferable funds here. We provided the following as supporting documents on the items we declared in the form:

A. Bank Deposits – 2 bank certificates plus supporting documents of our source of funds like Dead of Sale and photocopy of Land Title of house.

B. Pensions and Other Assets
a. Termination Value of Educational Plan – submitted photocopy of the policy and Certificate of Full Payment as well as a print out of the termination value of the plan.
b. HDMF Provident Fund – submitted a print out of the Total Accumulated Value (TAV) of my Pag-ibig provident fund as well the FAQ of the fund printed from the HDMF website.
c. Separation Benefit of my wife from her work – submitted an original Certificate of Employment and photocopy of the summary of benefits of the employees in their company.
d. Car value – we submitted a photocopy of the OR/CR as well as printed a car posting online with the same model and year to establish the current value of the car.

C. Liabilities and Other Personal Debts – here we declare our debts. We didn’t attach any supporting document on this item.
Basically the required settlement fund by CIC was already covered by the bank deposits and the Pag-ibig provident fund. Other assets were declared to established that we have more than funds to pay our debts and other expenses to be incurred during the processing of our application as well as our air tickets someday (hopefully soon ). I also submitted Letter of Explanation on this item.

7. NBPNP-011 Fee Payment Form – Skilled Workers – you have the option to pay the processing fee amounting to CAD $250 thru credit card or bank draft. If you prefer to pay thru credit card but you don’t have one, you can borrow and use a credit of your friend. Be sure to put the credit card owner’s details at the form. Since we paid thru credit card, we attached the email confirmation of our payment along with this form.

8. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Report for Degrees, Diplomas or Certificates Earned Outside Canada – as per checklist “… please request that the agency forward a scanned copy of your report to” Since my ECA was thru WES, I applied and paid CAD $41 at their website. It was instructed in the checklist to select NBPNP as the recipient but selected the Government of New Brunswick instead because NBPNP is not available in the list of values. In this item, I submitted the email confirmation of our payment and a photocopy of my WES ECA result.

9. Work Experience – for principal applicant only unless if the spouse engaged in full-time work in Canada for at least a year in the last 10 years. Original letter of reference was required but I only sent a copy of my Certificate of Employment since it was sent thru email because I am an offshore Web Programmer. As additional supporting documents, I also submitted the email confirmation of my salary for the last 6 months as well as my current resume. Before I move on to the next item, I want to quote this important note in the checklist; ”Self-employed individuals must provide documentation from third party individual(s) indicating the service provided along with payment details. Self-declared main duties or affidavits are not acceptable evidence of work experience.”

10. Proof of Language Proficiency – I submitted my original IELTS result as well as Lynneth’s since we are claiming points for spouse official language proficiency.

11. Travel Documents and Passports – good thing we already scanned all pages of our passport so we just need to print this time. Please note that all pages of the passports in colored copies are required. So, if you don’t have a printer, better buy one because your expenses in photocopying will equate your expenses in photocopying and printing of forms and other documents. ? We don’t need any other documents here since we only stayed in the Philippines.

12. Identity and Civil Status Documents – Lynneth and I submitted our original NSO copy of the birth certificates as well as the marriage contract. If principal applicant or spouse is married more than once or you are still not married (common law partner), additional documents should be submitted.

13. Children’s Information – original NSO copy of each kids’ birth certificates were submitted.

14. Photo Requirements – specifications of the picture is not indicated so we decided to submit a 3R size photo. On the back of each picture, the name and date of birth of the person in the picture should be printed as well as date the photo was taken. Please note that photo of all members of the family should be submitted whether accompanying or not. These photos should be stapled on the blank sheet of paper and in turn be stapled in the NBPNP-003 Skilled Worker Information Form.

I hope for smooth processing of my application and to receive the most awaited NOMINATION soon.

Our Application Timeline

NBPNP EOI  September 7, 2017
NBPNP ITA  October 13, 2017
Full Docs Sent October 18, 2017
Docs Received October 24, 2017
NBPNP AOR October 27, 2017
Nomination December 4, 2017
Upfront Medical December 6, 2017
CIC ITA December 6, 2017
CIC Full Application December 11, 2017
CIC AOR December 11, 2017
Medical Passed January 5, 2018
IP2 February 27, 2018
Passport Request Letter (PPR) May 1, 2018
Passport Submission May 2, 2018
Visa On Hand May 10, 2018
Landed in New Brunswick Soon

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  1. Hi Fritz,

    I noticed you only paid $41 for WES, I’m about to do this part of the application but the fee is $200, is this correct? Now if WES gave you a lower conversion, what do you suggest for me to get a higher conversion? Thanks! You’re really helpful! Nindot tan-awon inyo videos kay parehas ta bisaya, taga Cebu ko. Amping mo kanunay!

  2. Hello Blekxy,

    Thanks for the informative blog. May I ask if you need to provide police clearance certificate for the full application for NBPNP?

  3. Hi,
    Can u please suggest me regarding the following queries?
    1. what are my employers should write in Certificate of Employment? is there any specific format?
    2. how do i send my ECA to NBPNP. i also did ECA by wes. i saw in their website that a duplicate can be sent by the institution with some payments. is it how i have to send my papers to NBPNP?

    1. From CIC Website:
      1. Proof of work experience
      a reference or experience letter from the employer, which should be an official document printed on company letterhead (must include the applicant’s name, the company’s contact information [address, telephone number and email address], and the name, title and signature of the immediate supervisor or personnel officer at the company), should indicate all positions held while employed at the company and must include the following details: job title, duties and responsibilities, job status (if current job), dates worked for the company, number of work hours per week and annual salary plus benefits; and if the applicant is self-employed, articles of incorporation or other evidence of business ownership, evidence of self-employment income and documentation from third-party individuals indicating the service provided along with payment details (self-declared main duties or affidavits are not acceptable proof of self-employed work experience).
      If the work experience is in Canada, proof may include copies of T4 tax information slips and notices of assessment issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (the time period for these documents should reflect the work experience timeframe [e.g., work experience from 2006 to 2008 requires only documents from those calendar years]).

      2. If they advised you to submit your full application just include the wes result and then in you WES account just send them a copy of that result also because that’s the one they really needed a copy coming from the institution.

  4. Thank you for your blog. It is really helpful.
    1. I am IT consultant, is it okay to use WES ( for my ECA?
    2. Is there any CV template to use for New Brunswick? Example: when we are going to send EOI.
    Thank you.

    1. 1. WES is good but they did not give much higher conversion years for schooling but they are very fast in processing.

      2. In EOI, your CV format is not that important as long as you have all the work information in it.

  5. thanks for such helpful information.
    I do have some investment in mutual fund which can be encased any time and I have the whole year e-statements for that.
    Is e-statements applicable?

  6. Hi,
    Kindly Share me the below information:
    1.How do we get to know about the opening of province if we don’t deal with a consultant?
    2.Proof that I have attended an invitation session or proof that the applicant meets the eligibility criteria –
    Is this session online?
    3.for how long the province will accept applications?
    4.what all we need to submit at the time of province opening?any form they provide us to fill

    1. 1. Install web alert in your mobile phone to get you updated of any openings in any provincial nominees in our case New Brunswick. Almost every I day visited this site – waiting for info session schedule and added into web alert app.

      2.If your are selected to attend the info session they will email you and also your attendance signature during the session will be their proof. The session is not online, it depends in your location, in the Philippines usually they conducted 2 info sessions every year, if you are from India I think they are going to have an info session for business people this year but not for skilled worker.

      3. It depends, in my case it took 2 days but the latest intake they only accept EOI for a day only.

      4. Just fill this form

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