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Connecting flight at Narita International Airport

We had a connecting flight at Narita International Airport and Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport on our trip going to Moncton, New Brunswick. Our connection time in Narita Japan International Airport is 3 hours and 50 minutes. So we had enough time for the terminal transfers.

We left Cebu International Airport 15 minutes late with our departure time. But we arrived at Narita International Airport 5 minutes early with our arrival time. We arrived at terminal 2 of the Narita International Airport. As we deplane, an usherette at the front of the gate was there to assist especially for those have connecting flights.  We were guided on were to catch the shuttle going to Terminal 1 where all the Air Canada flights will be.

Before going to the lower level where we will wait the airport shuttle, we need to pass through first the security screening. The airport staffs were very helpful and friendly. All our hand carry baggage went through x-ray scanned machine.   As well as we went through body check with our hands on sideward position. Our cabin trolley was put aside and asked us to open it. I was a bit worried if what they have seen in the scanner. Then the lady staff asked us if there’s scissors inside. I take out the scissor and the staff measures it. The pair of scissors was packed with the medicines and the Betadine spill in the ziplock bag. The staff was kind enough to give us another bag to put our medicines.

While waiting for the bus

Fast forward, we pass through the security checks. Then we went downstairs and waited for the shuttle bus. Chairs and wifi internet are available in the waiting area. Then the shuttle bus arrives after 10 minutes of waiting.  There 4 other Filipino families/individuals with us in the bus, one going to Quebec, another to Vancouver, the other one to Newfoundland and the last one going to Richibucto, New Brunswick.

The 1st stop was still within terminal 2. Then the next one was already in Terminal 1. The bus driver told us all the passengers to get off the bus. But the staff/guard at the terminal gate told us to return to the bus and get off at the next bus stop. As we return to the bus the driver insisted that we should go back inside the airport. But then the staff at the terminal gate explained to us that we should go back to the bus and get off at the next bus stop or else we will have a very long walk. Another staff approached the bus driver and let us get on board the bus.

At the terminal gate where we get off, a staff assisted us and explained thru the map where we are and where will go. At the floor where our gate number is, there’s a check in counter for connecting flights of Air Canada. We fall in line in the check in counter for about 15 minutes already when a staff announced that those with boarding pass don’t need to check in again. We really thought that we still need to check in since that was the instruction given to us in Cebu. The boarding pass that they gave us for Narita to Montreal was only temporary and we still need to check in at Narita and will get another boarding pass.



We waited for almost 3 hours before the boarding time but the time passes by quickly. There is a high speed Wi-Fi internet connection for the passengers. There are lots of outlet also were you can charge your cellphones and laptops. Narita International Airport is very clean. Even though not all staffs are not really good English speaker but they all can communicate well. They are very friendly and helpful. The signs everywhere were helpful also. If you will follow the signs you won’t be lost.


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