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IELTS Exam Preparation in 10 Days

From January 9, 2017 when Fritz was able to register me successfully at IDP Philippines for my January 21, 2017 IELTS General Training exam, I have only twelve days prior the examination day.  IELTS Exam Preparation in 10 Days? I’m really worried with the writing and speaking tests. First, I’m not good in English. Since elementary until college I usually don’t get good grades in this subject. Second, I’m not good also in word construction. I don’t have ideas and good arguments on issues. I’m afraid I can’t write an essay of 250 words. Third, my handwriting is bad. People can hardly read my penmanship. Fritz suggested that I will use bold letters but that won’t work for me either.

On the other hand, in speaking test, I’m not a good speaker. I’m afraid that I will stutter and can’t think of any good ideas on the questions that the interviewer will throw unto me. I’m scared that I will be tongue tied and be mental black. Whew! That will be a great problem of mine. All in all I had only 10 days preparation since January 19 was our travel time and 15 was a Sunday. Even I was still a student I didn’t study on Sundays.

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Below was the timetable of my review:

Day 1: I printed my materials, 9 Cambridge listening test and 9 reading test. I also printed 5 speaking test and 5 writing test. On my first day, I tried one each for writing and listening.

Day 2 & 3: I’ve done two reading test each day and one listening test.

Day 4 & 5: three listening test each day and 1 reading test

Day 6: watched the different Youtube videos from  IELTS Liz on writing. I also supplemented it with the videos from  Learn English with Rebecca.

Day 7: It’s Sunday, so it’s a rest day.

Day 8: Practice on writing

Day 9: Practice on writing as well as answering the questions on speaking test on my own

Day 10 &11: Practice one each day on writing, speaking, listening and reading. I was a little bit on a cramming mode here.

I hope I will have good grades even I don’t have enough time to review.

Let’s wait and see for the result.

Our Application Timeline

NBPNP EOI  September 7, 2017
NBPNP ITA  October 13, 2017
Full Docs Sent October 18, 2017
Docs Received October 24, 2017
NBPNP AOR October 27, 2017
Nomination December 4, 2017
Upfront Medical December 6, 2017
CIC ITA December 6, 2017
CIC Full Application December 11, 2017
CIC AOR December 11, 2017
Medical Passed January 5, 2018

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  1. Hello sir, nakita namin ng wife ko yung channel nyo sa youtube and also yung site nyo, very imformative.By the way I’m Mardon from Davao City and planning to move dyan sa Canada with my wife.For now yung wife ko ang magtatake ng IELTS kasi meron din syang sister sa Ontario.

    This coming October 26 yung exam ng wife ko. Hopefully palarin po sana kami so that we can reach our dream to move in to Canada. Sana sir makilala din namin kayo.If ever that my wife pass the exam pwede ba kaming mag ask or mag hingi ng tulong regarding sa mga processing papunta sa Canada since we don’t have agency.

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this.Hope to hear more of your stories soon. God bless to you and your Family.

    Best regards,

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