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Trick or Treat at Gaisano Mall of Gensan

Blithe really wanted to join trick or treat since he was 4 years old. He’s more excited to wear his Buzz Lightyear costume than the treats then. Every year the malls in GenSan conducted Trick or Treat as part of their Halloween celebration. But we were not able to join any of those. Yesterday was our first time to join the trick or treat. The other night we went to Gaisano Mall of Gensan to pre-register the kids. The event was only for kids 3 to 11 years old. At first, we only registered Blithe and Iya since Sunshine is not allowed. But the person in charge was kind enough to allow Sunshine to join. To register, we need to buy a special GMall pumpkin pail at Php75.

Blithe had his Ninja Kid costume which he used during their school trick or treat. Iya had her fairy costume which she also wears in their school activity. I prepared an angel and Hello Kitty costume for Sunshine to choose but none of those she liked. Instead, she liked to wear the Superman romper of Blithe which he wore during his 1st birthday party. I tried to convince Sunshine to wear the Hello Kitty, but my convincing power is not enough. At the age of 2, she has her own way of fashion already. ???? So to make her look more girly I put on her tutu skirt and a headband else people will thought she is a boy.

There were lots of participants when we arrived in the activity area already. There was a costume contest on going where all the participants will walk in the stage to show off their costumes. According to their staff in the registration area, the trick or treat will start after the costume contest. Since our purpose is purely for the trick or treats after we have registered we decided to have ice cream at McDonald’s while waiting for the Trick or Treat to start. But while at McDonald’s we noticed that some of the kids already started trick or treating so we also started roaming around. The kids really enjoyed. But they also look forward to going on trick or treating on houses. Hope to have one next year. ???

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