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Sunshine’s First Dental Visit at Healthy Smile

Sunshine had her first dental visit today at Healthy Smile for Kids Clinic located at the 2nd floor of SM City General Santos. We really wanted to bring her at the dentist as early as possible to prevent tooth decay because as per as our experience Iya has better teeth compared to Blithe as Iya had her fluoride coating at 2 years old while Blithe haven’t. But we just don’t have budget for it. Thanks to her grandma’s birthday gift.

When we arrived at the clinic, the dentist tried to let Sunshine feel at ease first before doing the procedure. She don’t want Sunshine to have trauma on dental clinic visits. We stayed at the reception area and she tried to win Sunshine’s trust by talking to her for a few minutes before she let us sit at the dental chair.  But still Sunshine is not comfortable when we seated at the chair.

So the dentist let her hold a dental instrument (the one like a mirror) while she was still trying to talk to her but all of this didn’t work. She’s supposed to have teeth cleaning and fluoride varnish but we end up with only the fluoride varnish. To do the procedure, Fritz hold her hands and body while I’m on her head.

The struggle is real!

I forgot to ask their full list of rates but the fluoride coating cost Php650 and the cleaning is Php550. Their rates is competitive in the area, not to mention the convenience of the location of their clinic. Hope Sunshine will be more cooperative next time.

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