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Praying for a Baby Boy and a Baby Girl

Sunday is a laid-back time for us as a family. It’s the time when we are not in a hurry to get up early in the morning afraid of being late at school and work. It’s the time when we get up late from bed. Since our Sunday services will be in the afternoon.

This morning when having a small chit chat with my 3 year old daughter Iya, I was really surprised by her gesture. A demonstration of her faith to our Father in Heaven. I asked her if we will have a new member in the family what would she like to have, a baby brother or a baby sister? Iya answered instantly, I want a baby boy and baby girl just like Maya (she’s referring to the TV series Please Be Careful With My Heart). I answered her, we need to ask Heavenly Father. Right away she get up from bed and kneel in prayer.

This is what she said: “Heavenly Father, gusto ko baby boy and baby girl. In Jesus Christ amen. ”

What a pure act of faith of a little girl.  Iya gives me a lesson of the importance of prayer and  talking to our Father in Heaven without hesitations. What a great act of faith. May I always be like my little daughter with a great faith. Little children always teaches lesson to the parents in small and simple things.

Grateful to be a MOM! :)

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