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Iya’s 1st Birthday will be on Satuday!

Iya’s birthday is around the corner. It will be a little bit simple and less preparation compared with Blithe’s 1st birthday. It’s more like children’s party. This year we decided to hold it at Jollibee Highway compared to Blithe that we held it at the cultural hall of the chapel. The preparation then was very tedious. Right now, we are more relaxed with the preparation.

Iya’s birthday will be on June 9 but we booked the placed as early as May 3 to make sure we reserved the date and time that we want. We blocked the time, 3-5 pm. And we right! As I checked yesterday there will be party after us. If they booked earlier than us, we will be adjusting our time with their party.

Everything was almost set. Iya’s dress was prepared as early as April. The cake will be from Red Ribbon but thru Jollibee. The program and games will be conducted by the jollibee crews. Prizes for the games is included in the party package. For the souvenir, we will be having photo booth. Guest will have the photo prints as their souvenir.

See you around on Saturday at 3 pm at Jollibee Highway! :)

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