1st Confinement of the 5th Pregnancy

It’s 12 pm and we were busy preparing for church. I was then preparing the snacks for the kids when I felt a sudden gush in my undies. I thought it was only a urinary incontinence but as I checked in the bathroom I was astounded because I was bleeding. As I was cleaning myself, blood keeps on coming out. Fritz’ first impression was I’m on labor but mu intuition as a woman who have been on labor for four times already was there’s something wrong. I asked Fritz to buy me a sanitary napkin since the blood keeps on coming. Then he and Junil (who happens to be in the house) gave me a priesthood blessing before we left, Fritz and I to St Elizabeth hospital but we dropped by the kids along with Ate Elsa at the chapel. I can feel that the bleeding stops the time the Priesthood blessing was given.

I was advised for confinement and the resident doctor, Dr Calda contacted Dr Layog. I asked that I’ll stay in the normal room and not in the labor room but they won’t allow me. I don’t want to stay in the labor room because as per my experience during Blithe’s delivery it was boring and uncomfortable. Nobody to talk to and had a bad experienced with nurse. She seems not helpful. But my request was not granted, It was past 3pm when I was transferred to the labor room.

True compassion means not only feeling another’s pain but also being moved to help relieve it.

Daniel Goleman

I was advised for total bed rest. Even going the comfort room was not allowed. The nurse on duty was so helpful and accommodating. I had a totally different experienced compared last time. I was on oxygen around 6pm since the heartbeat of the baby reaches 97. Around 9pm Dr Layog visited me and informed me she suspected I have placenta previa. She made some instructions for my medicines and advised me to back to room since the bleeding already stop.

I stayed in the hospital for another 2 days. I was discharged yesterday, February 24, 2015.  For the short stay in the hospital my hospital bill reaches P16K +, the Philhealth benefit was already deducted. But still thankful because the baby and I are safe.

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