Samal Escapade 2016

It is our family tradition that we will go out of town every November. We are supposed to go to Manila and visit some theme parks in the area this year but we are not able to get an airplane ticket for the 5 of us. Since we are going to Davao City for Fritz IELTS, we’ve decided to have our vacation in the Garden  City of Samal after all the kids haven’t been there yet. 


The kids were so excited especially when we are in the barge. It was there first time. As I quote Iya, “Mom were riding on a real boat!”. Week before we traveled, I googled in the internet on what are the nice beach resorts with a pool in the area. After much researched, we agreed to go to Cavanico Il Mare Beach Resort at Brgy Camudmud, Babak District, Samal. But when we arrived there, it was already fully booked. It was my mistake because I didn’t make any reservation eventhough I was already decided to stay there.


We arrived in Samal at around 4pm but we’re able to find a place to stay not until around 8pm. We went on beach resort hopping trying to find a place to stay with a pool and restaurant. Around 7pm we are already exhausted and hungry. Fritz decided that we will go back to Davao. Blessing in disguise that there was a long queue to the barge because while in line we’re able to discuss and decide that we will go to the next three resorts that we haven’t been. And if still fully booked that’s the time we will go back to Davao. Golden Bay Beach Resort had vacant rooms but they don’t have restaurant, we are all hungry and have nothing to eat. The last one we went was the Lorelei Beach Resort but still not fortunate enough.

We are already in the pier going back to Davao. We tried our last shot to the beach resort next to it. Voila! They have still one room left vacant, they have kids pool and a restaurant. We went to far places and we ended up to the one nearest to the port.

Lesson learned for our next travel, BOOK IN ADVANCE! We underestimate that there are lots of tourist coming in the Island.

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