Sponge Cola Vocalist Yael nag ala Spiderman

Alabel, Sarangani – During the Culmination of Sarangani Province Munato Festival 2014 guest band from Manila, Sponge Cola lead vocalist Yael Yuzon do something for the fans to really enjoy the night by climbing the follow light post and sang from there. Watch video below:

Fans went crazy and never expected that Yael will do that for them since the bars was very slippery due to heavy rain before the event started. He even let the gate open for the fans to get nearer the stage and jam with them. He told the organizer that “sayang ang space kung walang tao doon” said Yael.

Great job Sponge Cola for doing such thing to make the FANS happy and really enjoy the Munato Festival 2014.

Please watch all their famous songs they performed during that night below:







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